Thursday, 27 June 2013

teacup candles aren't a new idea, but i spent the weekend making my own so thought i'd share how to do it. i found a lot of diy guides that just seemed too complicated and with a lot of messing around. so i tried to simplify how to do it. these candles make great presents and you can pick up the components cheaply.

you will need...
a large pillar candle
a tea cup (and saucer if wanted)
a microwave and microwavable bowl
a wick with metal sustainer.

i got both my wicks and my teacup and saucer from ebay. both were fairly cheap. my candle was an orange blossom one from wilkinsons, but I have also made one by using two votive yankee candles, which make your teacup smell delicious too!

first place the candle in a microwavable bowl and heat on high power for 50 seconds. repeat, and repeat, and repeat. this takes forever, but for safety's sake please don't try and microwave it all at once! just so you don't risk burning your kitchen down or something... it won't melt for ages, but as it softens, cut the candle up. it starts to look something like a prawn cocktail! just a warning: most candles you buy in shops are not fully coloured (yankee candles are) so if you buy a bright candle, it will be mostly white inside, so the end product will be a paler pastel colour. the wick's i ordered from ebay weren't that long and my cup was deeper than them. so i tied the wick from the melted candle around the wick i had purchased.

the metal sustainer should allow the wick to just balance in the bottom of the cup but if it won't sit right simply dab a little superglue on the bottom. as you heat the wax it should get more and more runny but do not stop until the wax is completely clear. at this stage act fast as it cools very quickly, so pour immediately into the cup. leave it to set until completely cool and then trim the wick. some guides say you should superglue the cup to the saucer, but i'd hate to ruin the china! and if you give it as a gift, once burnt out it can be washed and used as a cup too.

p.s i downloaded the 'a beautiful mess' app this weekend, so may have got just a little carried away editing my pictures!

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  1. Such a great idea! Looks lovely :)