Tuesday, 2 July 2013

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this is my last post where I complain about the lack of summer we're having, i promise!
i bought this camel jacket from ebay a while ago but when it came it is a bit too oversized for me (i'm only 4"11!) so i've always been put off wearing it, for fear of looking like i have stole it from my dad. but as this horrible weather calls for a jacket, this morning i entered into a dilemma, my leather jacket felt too black and heavy, a blazer wasn't warm enough, a cardigan looked too knitted and wintery. so, eventually i reached for this, the camel colour offsetting the woollen texture, and adding a lighter shade to my usual all black outfit. now, the size was still bothering me, but by doing the coat-around-the-shoulder cape look, it started to feel better.

ideally, i'd have paired the outfit with a whistles neon pouch and some neon courts, but the simple lime h&m bracelet will have to satisfy that citrus craving for now. i'm officially on spending-lockdown, i fly to spain for a month on monday to be an au-pair, so i'm saving all for an &otherstories spree in barcelona. my biggest worry now though, is how to i refrain from looking undone and sweaty in the city? if anyone has any holiday/heat tips please help!