Thursday, 20 June 2013

I dont wear alot of colour, and very little green. but this summer i've become keen to try it. it may be the array of leaf prints that are on offer, or the prevalent neon trend, or perhaps it's being home in my kelly-green childhood room, painted in defiance to rid the blue and silver snowflake wallpaper. but whatever it is, its becoming infectious and making my monochromatic usual wardrobe seem pale in comparison.
I decided the best way to combat this colour-disease is with accessories or prints that can be tied in with the  greyscale collection i own, because i know i am a fickle being, and in two months time, green will be no more, and ill be back to grey. or black. or navy. something dark and not so impulsive.

1) topshop blouse. 2) freak of nature playsuit @ asos. 3) everours dungaree jumpsuit. 4) zara lime bag .5) topshop shirt. 6) topshop bracelet. 7) topshop shorts. 8) everours blouse.

so there it is. a mix of the monochrome pieces ive been lusting over forever, and the green i'm cautiously applying. the first blouse from topshop doesn't really count as being brave, but i love khaki (its close to grey!) I can imagine throwing this over jeans with bright red lips and nails. not so summery but transitional for autumn all the same (and its never really like we have sun anway.) the freak of nature playsuit i've been pining over since i tried it on in ark in sheffield. it could be worn baggy perfect for holidays, or put a shirt or blouse underneath and it becomes an overall. the obsession is becomin unhealthy! which moves us on to this everours jumpsuit. everours is a new website to me but all the stuff on their is so perfect! i could easily order it all. both collared blouses, the topshop check one and the everours lace, would be perfect for pairing under  the black dungarees. everours also sell the white blouse in a lemon yellow colour which i love too, so may have to order both. the two accessories, the bracelet and the bag, add the colour easily and make it so much easier for me to accept the colour into my life. and finally! the topshop leaf print shorts. these are my favourite, and ive been pining after them for so long. they are, unfortuantely, out of stock, but i'll be doing some hunting and some ebay-ing to track them down. topshop sold these with a matching tee too and to wear the two together as a playsuit would be perfect. bright. brave. not me. but so perfect, that maybe i'd be able to cope. 


  1. love this post, thanks for sharing. now that summers actually here i really love the whole tropical and fruit print motif for clothes too. & LOVE the topshop shorts you posted (AMAZING), but totally bummed when we said that they were out of stock. also, just wanted to stop by and let you know that i followed you back on Bloglovin'. have a good week/weekend!


  2. I love the backless playsuit and topshop shorts :)

  3. Love the lime green outfit!
    Gorgeous <3
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