Thursday, 13 June 2013


most things here are old; shirt, shoes and bag are all urban outfitters, scarf and earrings are topshop, and bracelets and necklace are from h&m.

I haven't blogged in a long, long time, and never like this. various things such as uni and work have got in the way but i'm free for a whole summer, so thought it's about time I put some posts in.
I wore this outfit for work today, paired with some topshop leather leggings you can't see, and i hoped with sandals but the weather was saying flats. i love the print on this shirt, and it means it goes well with both black and tan accessories, and you can mix and match it up a bit. most of this jewellery doesn't often leave my body and the bag is full of everything imaginable; i'm sure last time i rooted round the depths i found a pack of playing cards (!?). it's not all that summery an outfit, but it seem's last week's sun may have gone back into hiding anyway. i'm recently resisting massive urges to go spend a lot of money on summer dresses and hats, but alas, one has to pay rent and it seems a bit redundant when i seem to be reaching for coats and scarves still. so until i've booked a week in barcelona, i'm fighting temptation.

today i've been doing this...

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  1. love the printed shirt - it looks amazing with your accessories! i feel your pain over wanting to buy pretty dresses and sandals (i'm thinking our british summer may be over after that very brief week!)
    thank you for your lovely comment too!

    bec X