Monday, 17 June 2013

1) all topshop. 2) all topshop. 3) blouse & jeans, topshop. office sandals. 4) ASOS dress, topshop hat and glasses. office brogues.

just a few outfits i've been mentally planning for payday and for when we finally get a british summer/i book a holiday.
the first outfit i've been keeping a close eye on for ages, but i just don't have anywhere to go to justify buying it. i love the camel colour of the trousers, and i've been wanting a pair of flatform sandals for ages, but i'm glad i waited because these are the best ones i've seen.
i love that the tea dress shape is coming back, so the topshop dress and blouse i really like for this. the black shoes from topshop remind me of the alexander wang julia booties, and as these are definitely out of my price range, these seem a good compromise. they also help tie in the black from the hat, and add a little something to an otherwise girly dress. similarly the acid watch jeans and heavy sandals make the topshop blouse less overly cute.
then last but not least, the asos dress would be perfect for throwing on over a bikini, but also could be dressed up with the brogues and the hat for going for food. i think you can probably tell i'm imagining sitting in a café on las ramblas, iced coffee in hand and ordering tapas. a girl can dream can't she?
the biggest question of all of this, is can i really rock some round 60's sunglasses? earlier this year i went to a fancy dress party as john lennon and it was primarily based around the glasses. i tried them on in the fancy dress shop and my friend told me i had to go as him as i bore a striking resemblance. although a great guy, i'm not sure this was ever that complimentary and i do fear that with my unkempt brown hair, trying to wear a pair would just be like a constant recap of that costume. however, i do love them, and i've seen a lot of people wearing them well, so perhaps john's not too bad an idol. i'll just refrain from wearing an all white suit, and hold back on the CND signs.


  1. The hat and the dress are so completely adorable! All of these would be perfect outfits to walk around the city in during summer :)
    Shannon xx

  2. I love the 2nd outfit! That dress is so pretty!
    - Charlotte

  3. The tea dress and blouse are both so pretty and cute! Super cool Wang-esque boots too. Thank you following and the lovely comment! Xx

    Olivia -

  4. Very nice choices! I really like that dress and those sandals. :D

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  5. Love the asos dress and the 4th oufit!
    x x